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    Sunday, 11 June 2017

    Google Android O third developer’s preview is here and it changes the Notification Panel

    Google Android O third developer’s preview is here and it changes the Notification Panel

    The second Android O developer’s preview was announced at Google I/O 2017, and while the preview did not bring about significant changes, it did tell how the users would find some differences on their next-gen Android device. The third developer’s preview is now out and this time, it focuses on some more new features of the upcoming Android 8.0. The latest preview is available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus Player users who have signed up for the Android Beta Program.
    The biggest change the new preview brings is to the Notification’s Panel. Notifications are now snooze-able and also come with a completely revamped Settings app. The panel is now called Notifications Channel, and comes with the ability to customize each notification app wise. Notifications can be set individually or in a Group settings. Depending on the app update version, users can access the core functions of the app directly from the Notification Channel. As described by Google in its blog, “Users can now manage most of the settings associated with notifications using a consistent system UI. All notifications posted to a notification channel behave the same. ”
    The API level 26 also fixes a host of bugs and errors in the upcoming OS, and is the closest that users will see to the final OS. Another new feature introduced by Google for users is the Picture-in-Picture mode, where users can continue their video call while multi-tasking. The mode simply minimizes the window and places the video call in a small tab on the bottom right of the device. There is also a whole new Autofill tab that lets users add data easily while protecting its security. 
    Apps are all set to get a complete overhaul with the new Android O. While the second developer’s preview did bring about significant changes, especially in the Emoticons section with the blobs making way for more circular and relatable emoji icons, the new placement of Wi-Fi and battery icons was not approved, and is back to its original position in the third preview. The Google blog lists out the changes coming with Android O saying, “Extending your apps with Android O features can help you drive more engagement, offer new interactions, give users more control and security, and even improve your app’s performance.”
    The latest release suggests that Android O is on time and there are no delays. The early arrival of Android O Developer’s Preview 3 suggests perhaps the fourth and the final edition will be pushed out in mid-late July instead of August as initially expected. This also hints at an earlier arrival of Android O than previously hinted. Android O is expected to debut first on Google Pixel 2, Google’s smartphone that has replaced the Nexus line of devices.

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